Mixed material packaging is known as recycling-unfriendly, and the collection of such materials when it involves plastics is often left to upcyclers or waste-to-fuel companies if it can be diverted from landfills at all.

However, there is mixed material packaging made of plastic and paperboard that ingeniously and easily separates for recycling after use.

A low proportion of polypropylene plastic (PP) in this packaging means reduced carbon dioxide emissions, while the paperboard wrap provides structural stability and high-impact printed graphics for a distinct look.

Interest in sustainability in general combined with brands’ specific corporate commitment to packaging-driven sustainability goals has increased attention to these materials.

The K3 paperboard-plastic combinations from Greiner Packaging (Kremsmünster, Austria) that has been popular for years for packaging products like yoghurt, cream cheese and muesli.

The K3-F, equipped with a special folding wrap, is catching a lot of attention in other branches as well as a solution that not only meets environmental and design demands but also helps reduce inventory to a minimum.

A collaboration between Greiner Packaging and Henkel (Düsseldorf, Germany) exemplifies the successful implementation of K3-F packaging: The original packaging for Duo-Caps and Power-Mix Caps started in transparent plastic containers and was changed to opaque containers in 2015.

To ensure an appealing appearance, Henkel recently decided on an alternative packaging solution: K3-F, which hits the mark not just with an attractive design, but also helps save plastic. With K3-F, Henkel can achieve a 100% recyclable packaging when separating carton from plastic.

Changing to the K3-F packaging has also meant that Henkel can achieve a 100 percent recyclable packaging when separating the cardboard wrap from the plastic container. The boxes are tested child-resistant, ensuring safe and sustainable handling on all levels.

The new packaging has been commercially available in Western and Eastern Europe starting September 2017.

Find out more about the K3-F Hybrid Paperboard-Plastic Packaging on plasticstoday.com.

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