Double or single-screw extruders and pipe heads are the core pieces of every pipe extrusion system. The pipe head is particularly important in the die assembly, as it addresses properties like the diameters and the wall thickness of the pipe.

The plastic melt which comes out of an extruder is given its form through a die head. Pipe extrusion is a continuous process, and an efficient PO pipe head should be adapted properly for performance and high output for the significant bandwidth of diameters, sizes and wall thicknesses required in the process.

The KraussMaffei Berstorff PO pipe head series enables flexible manufacturing of single and multi-layered pipes, for pipe diameters from 5mm up to 2,500 mm. With a total of 13 different sizes, the PO pipe heads cover a wide spectrum of pipes, including the large-diameter pipe systems.

For the multi-layered pipes, the distribution is usually done via coaxial spiral distributors. Thin outer layers can alternatively also be applied cost-effectively via radial outer layer adapters. The pipe heads can be used for a wide variety of various PO materials.

KraussMaffei Berstorff’s PO pipe heads provide critical production technology advantages. The processor achieves high production flexibility, prevents local stagnation times and generates an optimum pipe quality with higher production reliability. All models are compactly and modularly built and are easy to mount and clean.

The product line also includes special pipe heads for sheathing tasks as well as for the production of pipes made of PE-X and ABS.

Furthermore, the pipe head models for the diameter range from 110 to 2500 mm can also be equipped with the innovative IPC technology to allow internal pipe cooling system, shortening the cooling system and reducing costs.

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