New technologies are being constantly developed to improve the precision and efficiency of beverage closures and caps for beverage packaging outlets.

A good beverage closure is essential in keeping the product air-tight and safe from outside contaminants, but it is also a contributing factor to the ease of product handling and usage by customers.

German-based company Z-moulds has developed a patented z-slides® technology for beverage caps and closures based on complex injection mould research and development.

Complex mould making capabilities have proven essential in the process of translating plastic parts into mould designs. Z-moulds makes use of 3D geometries, difficult runner and gate systems and complex part ejection to improve the moulding process.

There are various variables in the beverage closure moulding process for beverages, namely size, weight, choice of materials, durability and strength of materials, as well as a multitude of neck styles for bottle manufacturing, covering PCO1881, PCO1810, 29 / 25mm, 30 / 25mm, and 38mm.

It is why a custom closure design is preferable to a one-size-fits-all approach. Aside from standard closures, special closure solutions are also considered. The technology applies to all common neck styles, standard and special sizes, and other industry requirements.

The closure technology is suitable for a variety of applications such as still and sparkling water, light and highly carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, aseptic and hot bottled products, and many more.

As the technology advances, new closures applications are being developed for different applications and particular client requirements. Innovative solutions such as one-piece flip-top or edible oil closures push the limits of precision, speed, and efficiency.

Optimised processes, shorter cycle times or weight savings create market-relevant advantages for different special beverage closures.

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