This is our success story and we pride ourselves in collaborative projects and putting our best foot forward. A True Partnership Resulting in Increased Capacity and Efficiency. “It is a pleasure to work with everyone at KraussMaffei, from top to bottom, the organization is very customer-focused and the responsiveness of the sales and service teams is outstanding and work together as one unit.

The project managers in the US and in Germany help coordinate all aspects of the equipment delivery and commissioning, making new installations go smoothly.” Monoflo International sought to find an injection moulding machinery supplier that was up to the task. They found it in KraussMaffei. “KraussMaffei is more than just a vendor, they are a true partner,” said Henning Rader, President of Monoflo International.

Henning Rader, President of Monoflo International. Over the next three years, Monoflo purchased several KraussMaffei MX Series injection moulding machines ranging from 1000 to 3200 metric tons. “We purchased 1000 and 1300 ton machines to increase the production capacity for both our straight wall containers and our line of specialized logistics containers that are designed for automatic handling,” Rader explained.

“The KraussMaffei machines and robots have the options we need to fully integrate the equipment with our automation,” said Rader. “The reliability and repeatability of the equipment keeps our utilization rates high and our scrap rates low. The build quality is outstanding and the engineering support and service are top-notch.

Additionally, a production cell consisting of two 3200 metric ton machines and one 1150 metric ton machine, complete with automation was added for a new collapsible bulk container line which is utilized primarily by automotive, appliance and other industrial equipment manufacturers, providing maximum efficiency and durability and allowing customers to fit more containers per truck without a loss of cube volume.