Krauss Maffei has celebrated 180 years of technology with 25 live demonstrations of Injection Moulding Machinery, Reaction Process Machinery and Extrusion Technology at the Competence Forum in Munich on June 6 and 7.

The KraussMaffei Group has been shaping technological development in all three areas – injection moulding, reaction process and extrusion – for decades. More than 1,800 visitors at the Competence Forum in Munich experienced a veritable celebration of innovative machines and technologies.

The occasion was the 180th anniversary, celebrated with the slogan of “Technology Pioneers – from Tradition to Innovation”. The KraussMaffei Group is systematically expanding its digital excellence with new digital solutions and services.

An Injection Moulding Machine for Each Decade

In Injection Molding Machinery alone, there were 18 exhibits (about one machine per decade) that presented live applications within the clamping force range from 25 to 1600 t.

Among these were numerous innovations such as the new PX 25 and PX 320, with which KraussMaffei is expanding its all-electric series by adding two clamping force sizes, one lower and one higher.

The new PX 25 impressed visitors with its micro-injection moulding of liquid silicone (LSR). A radial sealing ring was produced with an intricate undercut and a weight of only 0.15 grams.

The new “big one” of the PX series, with a clamping force of 3,200 kN, was displayed together with the IMD SI DUO film feed, made by our partners at Leonhard Kurz. It enables the world’s first independent positioning of two single-image designs, which not only increase output using multi-cavity moulds but also enhance production flexibility.

Additional highlights of Injection Molding Machinery at the Competence Forum were the GX 650 with the new Speed Option, lightweight thermoplastic construction with Fiber-Form technology, ColorForm applications in piano black and new technologies for fibreglass direct feed or direct compounding.

Live Demonstration of Groundbreaking Extrusion Technologies

Extrusion technology showed itself to be a real trendsetter using its live systems from the pipe and profile manufacturing sector. The visitors were shown the TCP pilot line (Thermoplastic Composite Pipes). It demonstrated the precise wrapping of a base pipe with fibreglass tapes for high-pressure applications in the oil and gas industry.

Also, the newly developed three-layer pipe head produced a three-layer pipe with a functional inner layer made from PA 12. Another visitor magnet was the profile extrusion line, which created a two-colour lamp housing out of polycarbonate using the coextrusion process.

Additional exhibits, such as the direct extrusion system or the recycling model, once again proved the innovative ability of extrusion technology.

Experiencing Plastics 4.0 live

At numerous exhibits, the KraussMaffei Group presented its entire Plastics 4.0 product line and made the possibilities and advantages of Industry 4.0 in plastics processing come alive for the visitors.

The presentation of the new MES system, MaXecution, and the live application of the DataXplorer on the GX 650 FiberForm system were highlights. With its microscopic view, it records up to 500 signals on the machine, including the organic sheet heat-up time.

All injection moulding machines were equipped with the intelligent APC plus (Adaptive Process Control) machine function, which provides extreme weight consistency of parts and the highest process reliability.

To bring even more effectiveness into digital solutions and services, the KraussMaffei Group is starting the Digital Service Solutions business unit on July 1. It will deal with service and aftermarket and link classic and digital activities.

The KraussMaffei Group has been able to continue its pioneering spirit and continually reinvent itself. As one of the leading global providers of machines and systems for plastics and rubber processing, it is now moving into the digital age with vigour.


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