While injection moulding is a popular and effective plastics manufacturing option, it is not always the cheapest.

The costs of manufacturing parts can easily add up when you consider the different machinery, materials and designs needed for each product you may need. Other factors such as the material’s roughness or cycle time will also affect the overall costs.

Here are some tips that will help you save money on injection moulding without cutting corners:

Choose the best material

The options for plastic materials are almost endless, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed or to overestimate on what you need. Knowing the exact function of each part makes it easier to acquire the best materials at a better price.

No unnecessary features

Keep your parts simple to ensure your costs are kept as low as possible. Textured surfaces and company logos may look fancy, but you will have to pay extra for these little bits and bobs.

Quicker cycle time

The quicker your parts are made, the less you spend on overhead costs. Cycle times are dependent on your mould builder, water circuits and how long it takes to cool plastics to a solid state.

Keep the finishes simple

Having a shiny, mirror finish on a completed product requires extra labour hours and adds significantly to the time for completion and your upfront costs. If it’s not essential, a matte finish will work just as well, saving you both time and cutting down on costs.

Minimum secondary processes

Secondary processes like painting and customised inserts are sometimes necessary, but this also adds to the final costs. Consider changing the design or materials to save money while other mechanisms like hinges can sometimes be added to the moulding process.

Implementing saving methods in the manufacturing process does not equate to low-quality products. Instead, it will help you to optimise your production levels while increasing your profit margins.

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