Last month we provided a few tips on how you could save money on your injection moulding processes without cutting any corners or compromising on quality.

Even if you were prudent with the costs during the design and prototyping stages, it can be a bit of a shock when you see the final production quotes creeping ever higher.

Here we have a few more ideas on how to make your budget go further and provide you with the best solutions for your injection moulding processes.

  • Ensure adequate draft

Parts that have the appropriate amount of draft will allow for faster ejection from the mould and save time which will result in money being saved.

  • Ensure the longevity of your design

The more often you have to replace your moulds, the higher the overall cost of producing the parts will be. Consider features that will hold up over time as you design your parts.

  • Reduce solid part areas

Reducing solid parts areas for hollowed sections with carefully placed supporting elements will greatly reduce moulding costs and yield big dividends for your bottom line. Designing a gusset instead of a solid inner wall, for instance, uses a significantly less amount of resin, adding up to big savings in your upfront material investment.

  • Use core cavities

Hollow box or cylinder-shaped pieces can make a big difference in the efficiency and cost of your production. “Core cavity” means that the tool is machined around the cavity shape. It’s a less intricate design with less margin for error.

  • Choose the right manufacturer for your needs

Plastic injection moulders usually have specific areas of expertise. Finding one whose specialty meets your needs ensures that you won’t be paying more to have a moulder modify its processes to accommodate your requirements.