Popular and highly versatile, Injection moulding is a popular method used to produce mass-produced plastic parts. But why is injection moulding so popular and what are the benefits of using this method?

Complex shapes and small details

Injection moulding methods use immense pressure, as the material is pressed against the mould with great force. This enables the incorporation of specific features and complex geometry into the design.


Injection moulds can contain fillers which reduce the density of the liquid plastic during the moulding process, thereby adding greater resistance to the finished product. Injection moulding, therefore, offers the best option to fields where strength is a vital element of the plastic part manufactured.

Variety of plastics

Injection moulding machinery is suitable for use with a variety of plastic types. It is simple to change the kind of material and the colour of the product produced. Co-injection can integrate more than one type of plastic into the product during production, adding versatility and flexibility to this type of machine’s list of attributes.

Low cost

The initial cost of purchasing injection moulding machinery may be quite high, but the running costs are minimal. Once you have a mould, you can create a high volume of plastic components at low cost. Injection moulding also saves in labour costs, as the machinery generally runs on a self-gating automatic tool; keep operations streamlined and requiring very little supervision.


Speed is one of the attributes that makes injection mouldings so popular. Speed can differ based on the complexity of the mould and the type of machine; however, the general type between cycles is only 15 to 30 seconds.

Smooth finished appearance

Plastic parts created through injection moulding generally require little to no finishing, as the items come out of the machine looking very close to the final finished appearance.

The benefits of Plastic Injection moulding clearly illustrate why this process is so popular. This process offers manufacturers a host of reasons to invest in this type of equipment.