The Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market Forecast Report 2019-2023 was launched in the middle of February. The report details the market forecasts for the international markets in this industry. The in-depth report is 113 pages long and was published by TechNavio (Infiniti Research Ltd.)

Rigid transparent plastics are used across many sectors, including automotive, construction, aviation, electrical, electronic and lighting industries. Rigid transparent plastic was found to be popular due to its optical clarity, durability and insulating properties. Rigid plastic is used extensively in the automotive sector, mostly for making sun visors, windshields, light covers and automotive glazing due to their UV light resistance and optical clarity. The electronics industry, these types of plastics are used for the production of laptop screens, televisions and smartphones.  Rigid plastic is used in the aviation sector to manufacture windows and canopies, due to the ability to withstand high pressure and temperature differences. The construction industry sees them used for facades and aquarium structures.

The report highlighted the increased demand for convenient packaging solutions, the volatility of raw material prices and the competitive nature of the industry. The report predicts that the rigid plastic packaging market will register a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 6% by 2023.

The report analysed the market environment, market sizing, factors influencing the market, segmentation by type, customer landscape, segmentation by application, geographic landscape, decision framework, drivers and challenges, market trends, the vendor landscape and ultimately, compiled a vendor analysis.

The report composed their findings based on an analysis of a number of key players in the industry. The report identified and analysed the following companies: ALPLA, Amcor, Berry Global, RPC Group, Sonoco Products Company. From their findings, the report deduced that emerging economies are demonstrating increased and increasing demand, which is driving the market.

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