Fantastic Paptic? A new material, dubbed “Paptic®”, is making waves as an innovative material that could take the world of packaging by storm. This new material is a revolutionary fibre product with plastic-like qualities.

This material is said to combine the qualities of both paper and plastic. Paptic® has been described as having the benefits of plastics: lightweight, versatile, reusable and soft, while it is made from renewable raw materials and is recyclable. The product can replace plastic normally used in carrier bags and packaging. The plastic-replacement is more resistant than plastic films, which means that it does not lose its shape easily, can be stretched up to 20% and Paptic® is heat-sealable, making it functional for various packaging applications.

The material won the prize for Bio-based product of the year 2017, as well as receiving the 2nd position for the Innovation award of Bio-based material of the year 2017. Paptic® supports a circular economy, as the material can be produced with existing paper production lines. Manufacturing uses reduced levels of water and energy consumption, and shipping and storing is efficient due to the low weight and thin size.

“Our purpose is to help resolve a major global environmental problem: the accumulation of plastic waste in the oceans and amongst marine life. If all the plastic waste already in the oceans was gathered up and put inside plastic bags, there would be around 15 bags per metre of the world’s coastline. Already 70% of the material used in the PAPTIC Bags is renewable and biodegradable, and it can be recycled.” says Tuomas Mustonen, founder and CEO of Paptic® Ltd.

Paptic® is produced by PAPTIC® Ltd, a Finnish start-up which was established in 2015. Manufacturing of the product started in the same year. The company currently offers free samples of the product, on request.