The world of the automotive is changing. Having started at crank engines and ending up at self-driving cars, automobiles have modernised at a dizzying pace. Modern day cars offer built-in GPS navigation, autonomous parking capabilities and driving systems, and so much more- a far cry from where it all started. It stands to reason, therefore, that the manufacturing of cars and car parts has been modernised as well.

Autonomous driving and smart screens are changing the ways that customers spend time in their cars, transforming the humble interior from an underappreciated and under-designed element, to a beautifully designed and manufactured element.

Manufacturing is deservedly, a major influencer in this. Modern manufacturing methods have opened up new ways for the production of automotive interiors. Manufacturing breakthroughs, like the discovery of lighter, stronger materials, and faster manufacturing methods, are changing vehicle interiors while new materials and production methods are changing the aesthetic possibilities for modern automobiles. Interior look is set to become increasingly important to consumers, leading to new materials being used- including natural—looking or natural materials like stone and cork. Functional and ambient lighting will become a design consideration, and the functionality of lighting will improve. No longer just for illumination, lighting will now be used to communicate with drivers, indicating to drivers that road conditions are icy, that drivers should lessen their driving speeds or used to wake them up when sleepy.

Modern car interiors are more likely to embrace contemporary technology, seeking to enlarge storage space, utilise controls that are integrated into dashboard displays, with interactive interiors and illuminated storage options. Technological developments are changing what manufacturers put in new vehicles, and the integration of these new technologies is crucial. Customers are increasingly demanding advances in communication, connectivity, decoration and entertainment.  Modern manufacturing is enabling car designers to reach new heights and push innovation when it comes to the automotive world.