South Africa’s plastics Industry body, Plastics|SA, is calling on role-plays to work towards the goal of zero pellet, flake and powder loss.

This comes as environmental groups and consumers all over the world are voicing their concerns over plastic pollution in water sources, and the impact of microplastics. Plastics|SA has reiterated its commitment to protecting the countries scare water sources and keeping them clean of plastic pollution. The director of Plastics|SA, Anton Hanekom, notes that for the global plastics industry, reducing the number of plastics that end up streams, rivers and the ocean is a major concern and one of their most significant focus areas.

In 2011 Plastics|SA was one of the first signatories of The Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter, which seeks to address the problem of plastics in the marine environment. The Industry body launched “Operation Clean Sweep” in 2017, a project which sought to promote sustainable practices in the manufacturing industry. Hanekom had this to say about the initiative; “When we re-launched Operation Clean Sweep in South Africa as one of our product stewardship programmes last year, our call went out to every segment of the plastics industry, including plastic producers, transporters, bulk terminal operators, recyclers and plastics processors, to implement good housekeeping practices.”

Pellet, flake and powder loss has a hugely detrimental effect on the environment, as well as the plastics industry as a whole and the individual company. Spilling pellets, flakes or powders can cause accidents in the workplace and can end up in waterways and the ocean, if not properly discarded. Hanekom also emphasised the importance of industry-education and company-wide implementation, saying that “All employees in every aspect of the industry must be educated on how to properly handle and dispose of plastic pellets with the goal of zero pellet loss. Every staff member has a role to play in eliminating plastic pellets, flake and powder loss.

Plastics|SA has demonstrated that it is dedicated to creating change in the manufacturing industry and aims to improve the environmental impacts of industry approaches.

Plastic & Chemical Trading supports this imitative and prides itself on limiting material wastage through innovative manufacturing solutions.