The European Injection Moulding Market seems to have recovered from the economic crash that first struck over ten years ago. The 2008 Financial Crisis caused severe financial repercussions, with many markets still experiencing the effects years later. Recent reports, however indicate that the injection moulding market in Europe has thriving.

The industry value of virgin polymer exceeded € 85 billion in 2018, representing an average growth of 3% per annum since 2007. This growth was supported by a growing demand for polymer and added value opportunities, along with increased polymer prices. Since 2014, all of the key market segments of injection moulding have grown, with the overall demand growing at an average rate of 1.6% per annum. Packaging has demonstrated the most sustained growth, and the automotive sector has seen the most robust growth.

The growth is abetted by the versatility of the injection moulding process, as it lends itself to a diverse market portfolio. In terms of polymer volume production, demand is being led by the sectors of packaging, automotive and electronics. Each of the markets is, however facing different challenges and opportunities, some posed by the increasing environmental scrutiny that is being focused on the plastics industry.

In Europe, injection moulding is the most fragmented plastics industry, with approximately 8000 companies operating in the region. The vast majority of these businesses are single site moulding operations, although there are also multi-national enterprises with many moulding locations throughout Europe. 95% of the companies are family owned but the industry is attracting private equity investment. The growing globalisation of the customer base is attracting investment from outside of Europe, particularly focused on serving the OEMs in the automotive and electronics sector in the region.

The injection moulding industry is taking advantage of the use of recyclate feedstocks. Recyclate feedstocks are driving market growth to a large extent, adding 8% to the industry value in the year 2018.

The report goes on to identify potential threats and risks to the industry and assesses the growth of various moulders.

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