Foreign object detection is of vital importance to the food sector- critical for the identification of unwanted objects and safeguarding consumer health.  One of the ways that role-players in the food and beverage industry can identify and eliminate the risk of foreign objects is through X-ray machines. This technology enables manufacturers to detect metal particles, glass splinters and other solid foreign objects.

HEUFT has developed X-ray technology that is pulsed: which means that the X-rays are briefly emitted, only when they are needed. This means that they X-rays are not utilised constantly, ensuring high detection accuracy at low radiation levels.

This technology makes use of rays that are only activated when necessary. When the product in question passes the inspection beam, an X-ray pulse is emitted. This X-ray pulse lasts only a thousandth of a second. Exposure time is therefore extremely short. This machine makes use of individual pulses rather than continuous X-rays, ensuring state of the art radiation safety. The radiation dose in question is very low- only ten microsieverts per measurement. This is 30 times lower than the daily intake of nature radioactivity present in the diet of human beings.

This type of ray ensures an outstanding detection accuracy together with a further optimised receiver and image converter technology, as well as real-time image processing capable of learning. The product flow is literally “frozen” by the pulsating whereas motion blurs can impair the clarity of the X-ray images and cover up the objects to be identified in the case of the classic line scanner when the conveyors are running fast: streaks and out-of-focus areas impair the detection of glass splinters, small pieces of metal or product incompleteness cannot occur in the first place. The pulsed X-rays make minute faults visible even on high-speed lines where up to 1,200 products per minute are examined. The high image quality is not affected by the production speed.

Ultimately, this technology represents an innovative approach to foreign object and fault detection.  The radiometric pulse is really only briefly activated when it is actually needed due to superior HEUFT procedures for product tracking with millimetre accuracy. The pulsating heart of the X-ray systems of the new HEUFT eXaminer II series generates an unprecedented detection accuracy at a simply unbelievably low level of radiation.

Plastic and Chemical Trading is proud to work with together international partner HEUFT.  Working together to deliver world-class plastic manufacturing and fault detection solutions.