Maintenance is a critical part of managing any manufacturing plant and ensuring that operations run smoothly and on schedule. Preventative maintenance is a crucial component of facilities management and will ensure that your firm establishes consistent practices to manage and improve performance and safety.

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a type of maintenance that is performed before a component failure occurs. This is in contrast to reactive maintenance, which manages maintenance issues as they arise. Preventative maintenance ensures that equipment functions properly and is in good condition.

Five benefits of preventative maintenance

  1. Save money

Unplanned downtimes due to equipment failure can cost manufacturers vast amounts in lost production revenue and emergency repair costs, and preventative maintenance works to counteract this. Reactive maintenance is generally thought to be more expensive than preventative maintenance- anywhere from 2 to 5 times more expensive.

  1. Prolong equipment life

Predictive maintenance systems result in better-performing, longer-lasting equipment. Your company’s assets are better protected and are less likely to be replaced prematurely. This ultimately contributes to other benefits like improved efficiency and saving costs.

  1. Maximise efficiency

During normal operations, machinery is subjected to wear and tear which can result in lower machine efficiency. Through preventative maintenance, one decreases equipment downtime and reduce the number of major repairs. Preventative maintenance ensures optimal working conditions and ultimately conserves the life span of the equipment. Regular maintenance ensures that operations are optimised so that you can run at maximum efficiency.

  1. Improve safety and reliability

Preventative maintenance can eliminate issues before they become a safety concern. By performing regular preventative maintenance, you ensure that your equipment is up to standard and that it remains safe to operate under normal conditions- both for the machine and the operators.

  1. Time-saving

Preventative maintenance may cause a small break in production, but ultimately this maintenance type saves time.

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