There are few words as powerful as ‘product recall’ to strike fear in the hearts of manufacturers, CEOs and sales teams. Metal fragments in chicken, glass shards in yoghurt, plastic pieces in pasta sauces – these are all examples of food recalls that have taken place over the past few years.

Contamination with foreign objects is one of the most frequent causes of product recalls and can pose serious health risks to the consumer. Items like glass splinters, stones, metal wires, screws, paper, plastic fragments, ceramic pieces pose significant risks to consumer safety, and if found in your products, can threaten your company name and reputation. Luckily, with modern technology, companies have the means to assess and remove contaminated and improperly packaged products before they reach the market or pose a risk to consumer’s health.

Ensuring product safety and controlling problems is a central concern for most food- and beverage companies, and HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH has developed a range of devices to monitor and identify potential risks and issues in containers.

HEUFT devices for foreign object detection:


This technology offers full container inspection with pulsed X-ray technology and can assess up to 1,200 containers per minute. The HEUFT eXaminerII XAC has been designed to examine both beverages and foodstuffs.


This machinery offers effective injury and recall prevention, reliable integrity checks, superior technologies and maximum automation and flexible performance.

HEUFT eXaminer XT

The eXaminer XT has been made to inspect sauces, cheese spreads, jams, sausage meat and other similar products before they are packaged.

HEUFT eXaminerII  XOS:

Evaluate up to 72,000 containers per hour with the HEUFT eXaminerII XOS. This manufacturing machine makes use of a unique X-ray strobe system to ensure sharp images with minimum radiation.

HEUFT floater

This technology monitors beverage bottles to identify inconspicuous safety risks, like low-density foreign objects that float in the product.

HEUFT spotter SF

The HUEFT spotter SF has been developed for the reliable detection of dangerous low-density objects, like mould, paper scraps, insects and more. The machine is capable of detecting film even when the liquid is cloudy or dark.

Plastic and Chemical Trading is proud to work together with international partner HEUFT.  Working together to deliver world-class plastic manufacturing and fault detection solutions.