Future planning- and future-proofing thinking was the order of the day at the recent K 2019 fair. This acclaimed event shone a spotlight on the plastics industry and the innovations that are working towards improving the industry.

The event, hosted in Düsseldorf, Germany, attracted 3,330 exhibitors from 63 nations and over 220 000 guests. These visitors hailed from 168 different countries.

Three of the chief topics of the event; “Plastics Industry 4.0”, “Plastics for Sustainable Development” and “Young Professionals” as well as the theme “Circular Economy” were the first indicators that this showcase was going to be future-focused- and the K 2019 certainly delivered.

According to a press release issued by the K after the event, these themes undoubtedly struck a chord with visitors and was well received; “For visitors within their companies there are currently four targets in focus: product range expansion, increased efficiency, circular economy, i.e. the sustainability of their products and the sustainability of their production.”

The K press release also went on to expand on the programming at the event. “The extensive supporting programme at K 2019 boasting keynotes and high-calibre discussions such as on renewable energies, material efficiency or zero-waste production met with avid interest among the international audience, especially the Special Show K 2019 “Plastics shape the Future”. This year the innovative power of the material and the industry in terms of resource-saving processes, digitalisation, functionality, renewable energies, circularity and sustainability were centre stage. And such critical themes as marine litter, the throw-away mentality associated with plastic packaging and the use of finite resources for their production were not ignored either. Proving one of the highlights was a humanoid robot that was built during K 2019 by young researchers from FabLab Lübeck e.V. serving as an example to show where developments are headed in future when additive manufacturing and robotics are combined with cutting-edge materials such as plastics.”

The K is one of the most important events in the plastic manufacturing industry, and this event certainly served as an excellent opportunity to asses the current realities of the industry and how industry players can work towards a sustainable future.

Plastic and Chemical Trading prides itself on staying abreast of developing technology, cutting edge innovations and global strategies. We were proud to attend the K 2019 and take part in working towards a better manufacturing sector.

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