KraussMaffei has revealed a new process to manage colour needs, namely Liquid Colour Compounding. These liquid products are metered directly in the extruder, removing the need for the conventional intermediate step of manufacturing a mono-concentrate. This new process, therefore, removes one step, making the process more economical and suitable for small volumes and special colours.

The group performed a live demonstration at the recent K 2019, where a 42 D long laboratory extruder ZE 28 BluePower was used to upcycle a bucket into a premium quality compound, which was then used to manufacture an A-pillar trim. The liquid colour functionality was a key feature of the process.

In a press release, KraussMaffei described the advancement as a “pioneering process” and shared the benefits of the process; “Liquid Colour Compounding is the pioneering process for all masterbatch manufacturers, who need to respond flexibly to market requirements. Because the liquid colours are metered directly in the extruder, there is no need for the conventional intermediate step of manufacturing a mono-concentrate, making the process especially economical and suitable even for very small volumes and special colours. Even converting from dark to light is possible without any problem thanks to the self-cleaning effect of the twin-screw extruder. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to experience this live.  At the press of a button, nine different colours can be implemented with a PP masterbatch charged with talc.”

This new process was a noteworthy highlight at the K 2019, where the group demonstrated the colour technology’s functionality and effectiveness.

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