Kiefel Packaging has revealed its plans for an ambitious recycling scheme, the Design for Recycling programme.

This exciting new scheme wants consumers and customers to combine forces with manufacturers in order to rethink products and packaging.  With this scheme, plastic is regarded not as a once-off, but rather as a valuable reusable resource that must be protected. Erik Hodenpijl, the CEO of Kiefel Packaging, recently highlighted the intrinsic financial value of packaging material: “Each year approximately 100 billion USD of plastic packaging material value is lost to the economy. To consider used plastic as resource rather than waste, is not only essential from a sustainability perspective, but also from an economical viewpoint.”

Sustainability is a highly topical subject, and various large companies have recently reassessed and adapted their strategies to ensure that their products are recyclable, reusable or compostable. Kiefel wants to work with their customers to ensure that these solutions are practical and realistic. “Together with our customers, we research and rethink every detail of the product, such as material, composition, product design, as well as the product itself,” Hodenpijl shared. “Based on thorough research, we provide the optimal solution. We support the customer in all steps of their product development cycle: From material and product composition, up to the optimal requirements for their tools and thermoforming process.”

During the recent K 2019, Kiefel produced a post-consumer recycled PET egg tray as part of the introduction to the recycling programme. This process was achieved with the use of the new generation flatbed KMD thermoformers and new flatbed tooling. The final product, an egg tray, was of similar quality to the ones available in virgin PS or PET.

A critical component of the Design for Recycling programme is the focus on creating tailor-made solutions for customers, ensuring design and production solutions that are practical and usable for the relevant sectors.

Congratulations to Kiefel for launching this innovative and exciting new programme! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this scheme.

Plastic and Chemical Trading is proud to partner with Kiefel GmbH. 

Kiefel Gmbh develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastic films. They provide manufacturing solutions to manufacturers from the automotive, medical engineering, packaging and refrigerator industries. The company is based in Freilassing, Germany but has sites in Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic with technology centres in Germany, the USA and China. The firm forms part of the Brückner Group, a global leader in supplying machines and systems for plastics processing, based in Siegsdorf.