German machinery manufacturer group KraussMaffei GmbH has announced the launch of an online material marketplace.

The marketplace, Polymore, went live on 16 October 2019 and was announced and launched on the first day of the International Plastics Industry Event, the K. A launch party was hosted on the following day. Polymore is set to operate as a unique brand within the KraussMaffei group GmbH family.

KraussMaffei describes Polymore as “A new B2B online marketplace for the procurement and sale of compounds, masterbatches, recycled materials and post-industrial materials in Europe. Polymore connects compounders and plastic processors for simple and secure trade in products.”

The marketplace offers an online business-to-business marketplace where manufacturers and suppliers can buy and sell compounds, masterbatches, recycled materials and post-industrial materials in Europe. The network for the marketplace currently consists of 19 compounders and recyclers and the network is limited to German-speaking countries and Italy, however, the group has plans to expand the reach of Polymore in the near future.

The new director for Polymore, Josef Art, describes Polymore as a natural next step for KraussMaffei and an extension of their intent to develop the circular economy: “KraussMaffei was always, and is, a pioneer in plastics. With the ability of having extensive experience in the extrusion and injection moulding market, we do believe that we can add value to the current, much diversified, market of plastic material. In terms of circular economy, there is an upcoming need to allow easy and transparent trading of post-industrial waste and recyclates. We are completing the ability for circular economy with our digital marketplace Polymore.” According to Art, the response to the marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive, and the group has been inundated by material inquiries.

KraussMaffei was founded in Munich, Germany in 1828 by Joseph Anton von Maffei and the global headquarters are still located in Germany.  KraussMaffei was acquired by CNCP, part of ChemChina, in 2016 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2018.

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