Kiefel’s Design for Recycling programme was introduced as a result of the packing law. This new programme introduces a process where products are “rethought” together with the customer with the objective to make the plastic products more sustainable.

Due to Kiefel’s state of the art laboratory couped with over fifty years of experience in plastics and thermoforming, Kiefel has been able to support its customers with product development and sustainability solutions for years. With the Design for Recycling programme, this expertise is put towards the systematic approach to rethink the customer’s products.

Through this programme, Kiefel, together with their customers, researches and rethinks details of the product, including material, composition, product design and the product itself. Through this research, they provide the optimal solution supporting the customer throughout their product development cycle.

This programme has helped to create new values within the plastics industry that is more focused on sustainability. This is due to the public pressure on plastic packaging manufacturers as well as the industry’s accountability to find sustainable packaging options.

The point of this programme is to teach customers about the material value of product packaging, which can lead to an improved image and re-evaluation of plastic packaging solutions. When the public realises the value of packaging materials, the more effectively the raw materials will be used and recycled. The value of plastic as a raw material is much higher than it’s current reputation implies. Plastic is a valuable resource when utilised and recycled effectively.

This is what Kiefel’s Design for Recycling programme aims to achieve through its work with its customers.

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