Kiefel’s tailored blank lamination process has introduced a completely new vacuum lamination method. This technology fulfils the high-quality requirements for increasingly pronounced three-dimensional components which helps save millions in film costs.

The Tailored Blank laminating process

To begin the laminating process a stack of film blanks are positioned in a hopper for automated picking in the machine. A robot, which is part of the vacuum laminating station, then picks up the injection-moulded carrier parts from a defined point. Servomotor-driven axle systems, which are able to move freely in three dimensions, position the decorative material on the carrier part of the machine without stretching it. Then the laminating process begins.

The robot places the components in the next processing machine. This results in a complete processing line. The input material carrier part and the decorative trim from the beginning of the process is made into a finished laminated and edge-folded component. This is all done without any human intervention. This, therefore, helps to reduce the costs per unit of the interior parts significantly.

During this lamination process, each servo gripper must precisely travel the programmed and desired path laid out to deliver the required laminating quality. Therefore, this Tailored Blank Technology forms the basis for the draw-off-free laminating process and is responsible for the high-quality end product that is manufactured.

The benefits of Keifel’s Tailor Blank Technology include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Up to 40% less film consumption
  • Highly automated therefore no human intervention required
  • High product quality
  • Automation of downstream processes
  • Simple program optimization
  • Tight radiuses and sharp edges are possible
  • Permits radius of 1mm and maintains soft-touch of the foam film
  • Freedom of design
  • Simple commissioning
  • Servo gripper operation with a mobile end device

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