The need for personal protective and medical equipment has been huge throughout this current global pandemic. Many businesses have been switching up their operations in order to aid in the fight against COVID-19. KraussMaffei has now joined in the fight too. They have responded quickly to the shortage of PPE and medical equipment and have moved into the production of essential protective and medical equipment.

The products now being produced by KrausMaffei include:

Reusable face visors and masks

These face visors and masks are designed to complement the already existing protective equipment of medical and healthcare professionals as well as people working in high-risk jobs. These masks are impermeable to droplets and help to keep hands away from the face. The visors, in particular, are comprised of five components including a rigid plastic holder, made using a 3D printer, a rubber strap, a transparent film to cover the face fully and two screws to attach the film and the holder together.

Respiratory masks

Those seriously affected by the virus need artificial respiratory; therefore, the demand for this equipment has skyrocketed. The respiratory masks are made using liquid silicon rubber (LSR). The flexible nature of this material allows for elastic seals at the sides of the mask to guarantee optimum isolation. It, therefore, ensures the safety in the supply of oxygen to the patient. Their high-temperature resistant nature allows the masks to be clean using steam and sterilised. This product is also free of any plasticisers. Making these masks requires high precision and process reliability during the injection moulding process.

Antibody testing equipment

With Roche announcing the rolling out of antibody testing, companies have had to jump on board to mass-produce the elements that will make these testing kits functional. KrausMaffei is currently making pipette tips and cups for pipetting. These are disposable parts that are used for the testing of the COVID-19 antibody. With these kits set to be released in the coming months, vast amounts of pipette tips and cups for pipetting will need to be produced. KraussMaffei’s high-performance injection moulding machine, NETSTAL ELION MED, is perfect for this challenge.

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