The outbreak of the Coronavirus has left no industry untouched. While most of the people in the country remain on lockdown and are working from home, police services, healthcare workers and other essential workers are working on the frontline of the fight against the virus. All these people are ill-equipped with shortages of essential products such as masks, gloves and visors.

This has presented an opportunity for companies in the plastics industry to demonstrate the essential nature of plastic in this time of crisis. The industry has found itself under a huge amount of pressure and has had to change their usual operations to cater to the dramatic spike in demand for medical products.

Some of the plastic products that have become essential in the fight against the further spread of COVID-19 include:

Surgical visors

Doctors and nurses need extra, sneeze and cough proof protection along with the masks. Visors have been brought in to do exactly that. These visors are made using a plastic sheet that extends from the top of the wears’ head down to below their chin. These protective visors can be used in the operating theatre, casualty areas, wards and for emergency services. The extra protection is especially important in the event of the patient coughing or sneezing as respiratory droplets cannot penetrate the screen. This is essential for the protection of our essential healthcare workers in order to prevent the further spread of the virus, and the plastics industry has been critical in the manufacturing of these protective visors.

Hand sanitiser bottles (and other pharmaceutical bottles)

Across the world, hand sanitiser has become essential. Therefore the production of this product has skyrocketed. In order for this product to reach the shelves for consumers, the plastics industry has had to ramp up the production of hand sanitiser bottles. The industry has also had to ensure that the production of other medical product packaging has not suffered during the lockdown as people are still reliant on these medical supplies.

Protective screens

To ensure the safety of those working behind the counter businesses have implemented retail protective screens that are placed between retailers and customers in order to prevent contact, therefore, reducing the risk of spreading the virus. These protective plastic screens are both sneeze and cough proof therefore offering full protection to both the worker and the customer. These screens manufactured by the plastics industry have become an essential part of conducting business during this current outbreak.

These are just a few of the essential products the plastics industry has constantly been producing to contribute against the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. It is for this reason the plastic industry is essential in the fight against the outbreak of COVID-19.

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