You can now achieve full coverage during the in-line inspection of beverage and food cans before the filling process with Heuft’s canLineII with its new connectable add-on module. Being able to identify deformations and defects on the flanged edge and walls of empty cans as well as contaminations and foreign objects at the base of the can is vital for any manufacturer. This is because defective or contaminated cans can lead to products being recalled which then leads to significant financial losses.

Therefore manufactures have turned to the Heuft canLineII. This system is able to identify deformations and defects at the flanged edge of a can, soiled or dented inner walls od a can as well as any contamination or foreign objects at the base of the can. This is all done using an intelligent top-down colour sensor camera.

The safely enclosed optical add-on module directly at the conveyor is able to generate a total of eight high-resolution camera views – each from precisely the right perspective. This then reproduces the sensitive areas below the flanged edge of each individual can. This system is able to reliably identify even the smallest amount of damage, residue or contamination in conjunction with the Heuft reflexx2 for real-time image processing. It can also do so with the minimum distance between the individual can on the conveyor.

The Heuft canLineII’s colour sensor camera and adaptive LED lighting are able to achieve a depth of field, ensuring nothing goes undetected. Food and beverage cans that cannot be reliably sealed are quickly identified and rejected. Therefore the Heuft canLineII is able to improve productivity and protects the safety of the filled end product.

The Heuft canLineII is based on the Heuft SPECTRUMII, which offers a maximum degree of automation and user support.

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