Over five billion infusion and nutrition bags are produced every year on machines designed and built by Kiefel. With Kiefel technology, you are able to decide whether to opt for PVC or non-PVC for the bag material and whether you need the bag to be produced with a tube or port component. Kiefel machines give manufacturers the freedom to choose the structure they want for their infusion and nutrition bags.

Thanks to the bag making line, manufacturers are able to produce high-quality medical bags that are unique to your specific needs. This allows the machine to be used for various products and components. The Keifel L-Line solution is designed for manufacturing infusion bags and other PVC or non-PVC products.

Additionally, the design of the Kiefel compact Swift Line helps to reduce valuable space in clean rooms.

The Kiefel Form-Fill-Seal solutions allow the procession and production steps to be combined and integrated into a single system; this includes bag production, bag filling and bag sealing.

All of these systems guarantee the best possible product quality, high output rates and absolute filling precision and bag integrity.

The benefits of using the Keifel systems for infusion bag production include:

  • High production rates
  • High product quality
  • Particle limiting technologies
  • Film edge adjustment
  • Automatic or manual component loading
  • Simple and fast tool change
  • Optimal weld quality
  • Process monitoring
  • Closed-loop control
  • Control systems for quality assurance
  • Reject part management
  • Splice detection
  • Tool detection using barcodes
  • Film preforming and tube preheating for thermo-contact welding
  • Innovative Crossfield-welding technology for high-frequency welding

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