In 2019, Frigel introduced greater efficiency, modularity and digital control to industry standards plastics processors with the 3FR Modular Air-Cooled Chillers.

This split system chiller system features an indoor chiller module as well as an outdoor remote condenser. This system ensures the reduction of the system footprint within a plant. These units are ideal for processors that are looking to reduce costs as well as increase efficiency through a streamlined solution. The need for cooling tower systems and the need for glycol are eliminated thanks to this air-cooled chiller system.

The unmatched level of flexibility of each of these air-cooled chiller units supports plastic processors with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The benefits of Frigel’s 3FR air-cooled chillers include:


Each of the air-cooled chiller units are designed as a plug-and-play modular refrigeration solution which offers maximum cooling capacity compared to the carbon footprint. They also offer high installation flexibility and high reliability. These air cooled-chillers can be easily installed and expanded as the needs of the plastic processor change.

Digital controls

Self-diagnostics and remote control capability are made possible with the chiller’s microprocessor controls. This enables operators to monitor the performance of the system at all times.


Each unit includes a high-efficiency screw compressor with variable capacity modulation. It is also available with an optional inverter drive which offers continuous modulation between 25-100%. This is adjusted based on the cooling load demand. This chiller improves efficiency by preserving energy under variable load conditions.

Remote condensers

Each 3FR module has a companion remote Frigel 3CR outdoor condenser. These are uniquely designed for outdoor use in harsh ambient conditions.

Fully tested

 The Frigel 3FR air-cooled chiller and its 3CR modular systems are factory tested, therefore, ensuring optimal functionality.

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