Ensuring the continued safety and hygiene of food products is essential to ensuring a smooth production line. The HEUFT eXaminer XAC machine allows manufacturers to detect foreign objects within their food packaging and bottles, eliminate them from the production line and enable smooth operations. The eXaminer XAC performs various processes of inspection and detection.

In part 2 of our series on the HEUFT eXaminer XAC, we will briefly outline these processes.

  1. X-ray based inspection

The inspection process allows manufacturers to inspect the base of their food containers or cans. The process helps detect any foreign objects that could sink to the container’s base without needed into open the can. This process includes containers that are not transparent.

  1. Sidewall inspection

The sidewall inspection function of the eXaminer XAC allows for the inspection and detection of any foreign objects that may be floating in the container. This concise and accurate process makes it easier for food manufacturers to ensure their products’ safety and hygiene by eliminating defective produce.

  1. Fault rejection

Many manufacturers are accustomed to relying on employees to inspect and remove defective products. Human error can easily creep into the process of food inspection process when employees become tired or distracted. Selling faulty products to consumers can lead to various safety hazards. The fault rejection process of the eXaminer XAC ejects containers that have been identified as faulty from the production line, thereby eliminating the potential risk to consumers.

  1. Monitoring and self-tests

Packaging industries ensure that the labelling process covers; manufacturing and sell-by dates and the product expiry date. The function of monitoring and self-testing products involves a knowledge of the location and stage of the product. The eXaminer XAC monitors and tracks the product while still in the production line to ensure that those containers lacking the required labels are ejected from the production line.

Businesses involved in the packaging and bottling of food products can benefit significantly from investing in the HEUFT eXaminer XAC machine to improve food products’ safety and hygiene.