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Innovative technology to increase efficiency and productivity

Companies are always striving at reducing the set-up time and machine downtime. Quick change mold systems have revolutionized molding operations, making sustainable production in small batches. You can find several systems on the market, with mechanical, hydraulic and magnetic technologies. Magnetic technology is the newest, established in 1996 by Tecnomagnete.

Advantages of mechanical systems
  • Uniformity of clamping: The mold is clamped over the surface and not just on the perimeter
  • Activation time: Can be activated within a few seconds, with definite deadlines and replicable
  • Safety: The operator is always away from machine
  • Repeatability: The clamping force is constant.
Advantages over hydraulic systems
  • Uniformity of clamping: The mold is clamped over the surface and not just on the perimeter
  • Economy: Does not require any changes to molds and machines
  • Savings: Requires no maintenance
  • Ecology: Does not produce waste.

Solutions by Lenzkes Clamping Tools, Inc

PSG-Hot Runner Systems for highest demands

PSG emphasizes early in the design phase, the application specific quality requirements. We do this in close cooperation with our customers during project development. We bring in more than 50 years industry-, applications- and plastics experience. With reference projects like the SMART-CAR our engineers have demonstrated knowledge in providing solutions and innovation. Individual applications and high requirement is what we achieve.

High performance alloys

Among service THERMOJECT® has definitive material advantage. Double-side heated manifolds, depending upon applications in rust- and acid-proof design and individually customized systems.

Solutions for all established thermoplastics

With our modular systems PSG covers a wide range of applications and can guarantee: Short delivery times, trouble-free operation and a longlife cycle. For highest complex demands we can offer custom-made solutions.

Hot Runner Controllers

Intelligent Temperature Control

As PSG Plastic Service produces both, hot runner controllers and hot runner systems we know the demands towards control systems in detail! The close linking of product design, product development and manufacturing are optimum prerequisites for maximum flexibility and rapid reaction to the requirements of an ever-more demanding market. All new developments are tested in our own laboratory under real life conditions. This assures you that PSG hot runner controllers are tested to the core and that they are technically up to date.

The Premium product family sets new standards in operating quality. profiTEMP is like injection molding with GPS: You can follow the “journey” in the melt channel and receive all process relevant data.

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