Plastic manufacturing is one of the best examples of an industry that exemplifies the power of automation.

The number of applications where robotic automation can be implemented is constantly increasing, and the cost is being justified with improved productivity.  Plastics manufacturing is an aggressive market and employing a suitable automation solution is the difference between securing your competitive edge and disappearing in the shadow of your competition.

At Plastic & Chemical Trading we stand on the capable shoulders of our partners KraussMaffei Automation, Sepro Robotique and Gimatic, to tailor an exceptional automation solution for your requirements.

Working in consultation with you we can develop the right solution, design the production cell and design and build the end of arm tooling.

The plastics industry is no stranger to robotic automation. Linear or Cartesian robots have been used in the industry for decades in order to load and unload injection moulding machines with incredible speed. Today more versatile, expensive and complex six-axis robots are being used to automate multi-step production processes.

Our partners offer a range of modern, world class automation solutions that can be operated and maintained seamlessly in Southern Africa.

KraussMaffei offers a balanced portfolio of operator-friendly standard robots which include Linear (LRX series), industrial (IR series) and side-removal (SR series) robots.

  • LRX Series – KraussMaffei’LRX series is dynamic, fast and precise. Whether integrated into the control system of the injection moulding machine or as a standalone version, they handle a wide variety of tasks in the process and actively contribute to adding value. The LRX Series can achieve demoulding times of under one second with repeatable positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.
  • IR Series – The IR series from KraussMaffei are genuine all-rounders. They are used for complicated demoulding and automation tasks. The great flexibility of their 6-axis kinematics makes them ideal for tasks too complex for linear robots.
  • SR – The SR series are ideal for demoulding thin-walled articles and medical products, or for other fast-cycling applications. They have extremely high speed and acceleration, high payloads and enable extremely short cycle times.

Sepro Robotique designs and integrates 3-axis, 5-axis and 6-axis robots with a unique native control platform to equip injection moulding machines of all brands.

Gimatic is a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for industrial automation.

Together with our partners we guarantee high-quality advice and solution expertise. Reliable spare parts logistics and service that is quick, responsive and ensures optimum availability of your production systems. Setting you apart from your competitors not only today but always once you become part of the P&CT family you will have a partner for life.