The Automotive Industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the South African economy and we are passionate about our involvement in it.

Modern motorists want high performance cars with improved reliability and safety, greater comfort, fuel efficiency, style and competitive pricing. Plastics are increasingly rising to the challenge of these potentially conflicting demands.

As plastics create a highly competitive environment for automotive manufacturers, they require high quality, aggressive production solutions. This is where we come in.

Plastic & Chemical (P&CT) trading sold its first large machine, used to make side skirts and bumpers for the BMW E46, to Plastichrome in 1998.

Since then we have grown in our competence and are extremely proud of our involvement in every BMW made in the country since. P&CT has also made a significant contribution to the manufacture of the following vehicles:


  • Mercedes C-Class since and including the w203
  • Volkswagen Polo from 2008
  • Ford Ranger T6
  • Toyota All the various models produced in South Africa notably the Hilux and Corolla
  • Nissan with the Renault Sandero in 2008


From material preparation to processing finished articles our partners, KraussMaffei, provide machines and systems for the entire range of automotive industry products along the entire value chain.

The various injection moulding machine series from KraussMaffei cover the entire range of automotive industry products—from standard injection moulding to automated, complex manufacturing cells producing parts with functional integration and quality surfaces using state-of-the-art moulds.

We use the unique methods and processes developed by KraussMaffei to give you access to cutting-edge technology for efficient and reliable production in your specific automotive application.

We are proud of the skills development, growth, quality of products and overall advancement of the automotive industry in South Africa. We aim to grow our partnership with the industry and continue to deliver manufacturing solutions that will stand the test of time.