To make sure that everything in your packaging facility is running smoothly we’ve partnered with Specialist Lubricants to offer our customers a dry lubrication solution for all types of packaging conveyors.

The RM200T Dry Lubricant Oil with PTFE has been approved by Tetra Pak for use on all conveyor types.  The oil has also been approved by major original equipment manufacturers like Hartness International, JPM Conveyors, and Lanfranchi Air conveyors.

RM2000T is an oil based PTFE lubricant which is completely food grade. It is the result of a special process that ensures the Teflon remains in suspension in the oil for long periods. This capability means it can be dosed in small quantities onto the specific conveyer parts where it is needed knowing the Teflon will be where it is required.

Some of the benefits of this dry lube solution include savings on fresh water, effluent and chemical costs, the elimination of slip hazards, improved friction reduction using PTFE, and elimination of damage to packaging and labels.


Manufacturers of RM2000T® Dry Lubricant Oil with PTFE


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