A gripper is one of the many components of an automated system. Grippers enable the holding, tightening, handling and releasing of an object and can function on a singular robot or as part of a fixed automation system.

Plastic & Chemical Trading, together with our partner Gigamatic, offer the entire service from concept and design to manufacture. In order to be competitive and to expand and develop its production areas, Gimatic decided to actively collaborate with manufacturers and fitters of machines moulding plastic materials.


For about ten years the company has dealt with components for the plastics field and offers a vast range of products such as modular clamping systems, quick changers, grippers for engagement, self-centering and not self-centering sprue grippers, grippers for clamping and pneumatic air nippers among others.

Together with Gigamatic we aim to equip our customers with the tools and know how to build their own grippers. Many styles and sizes of grippers exist for a range of applications. With our expertise we can guide a customer to select the best solution for their activities.  Our range of services include, conceptualisation, design, advice on art selection, assembly of the grippers, and onsite commissioning.

We also have a starter kit toolbox that will enable you to build simple pick and place grippers at your site. Simply build the gripper, run it and replace the components used.

To appeal to the tech savvy generation Gigamatic has created an app that features the full catalogue of components needed to make any end of arm tooling (EOAT) or gripper for any form of automation.  For your convenience we’ve included a PDF download of the full catalogue below.