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We aim to be a strong and valuable technical partner through sound consultation, timely process development and comprehensive after sales support to help our customers achieve high profitability.

In so doing we aim to offer our principals good value by giving maximum respect to their brands and cementing each one’s position in the regional economy as a leader in the respective fields.

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We want to be the ideal bridge between our principal brands and the local market. We find the right home for our brands in Southern Africa and manage the relationship going forward to the mutual benefit of our customers and our principals.

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To set our own standards for what is good after sales service, that these standards should be truly world class, that we have to constantly work to achieve these standards and finally that we should be able to sustain them.

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We believe in and give due respect to our brands and the engineering quality they represent.

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Plastrading is a supplier of quality equipment to the Plastics, Bottling and Logistics/Warehousing  industries.

We are proud representatives of world leading brands with strong competence in their respective fields.  Please follow the links to your specific interest to see how we can help you….

…read more.

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