Plastic & Chemical Trading is a niche player in the packaging equipment sector. Thanks to our partners Heuft and Hartness we can offer specialised solutions tailor-made for the packaging sector.

The packaging industry is extremely large and varied and we have chosen to hone in on the three main fields within the sector, namely drinks, food and pharmaceutical.  Each of these requires specific solutions designed to handle the unique challenges and concerns of each.

Heuft sets the standard when it comes to checking and inspecting technology for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry. Through our partnership with Heuft we bring you modular quality inspection solutions from HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH.

Hartness International provides advanced packaging equipment and systems for a complete packaging solution. Through our partnership with them we offer our customers in the packaging industry access to the DYNAC Accumulation solution that dynamically controls upstream and downstream product flow for consistent and pressureless handling.

Having the right equipment to keep your packaging operation running optimally is important but keeping that equipment up to the task is even more important.  To make sure that everything is running smoothly we’ve partnered with Specialist Lubricants to offer our customers a dry lubrication solution for all types of packaging conveyors.

The international packaging industry has cutting edge solutions to offer and through our partnership with Heuft and Hartness you have access to these innovative solutions aimed at increasing your operational efficiency and productivity for years to come.