The most familiar type of packaging in South Africa is the plastic bottle, scientifically known as the


polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle. Around 80 % of PET packaging is used for carbonated soft drinks (CSD), still water and juices in the beverage industry worldwide.

As you would imagine this has created significant demand in the preform industry.  We started our relationship with the preform industry in 1999 when we installed the first KraussMaffei PETFORM preform system.


Since then we have developed in the industry adding a number of references to our list over the years and together with our partner KraussMaffei, delivered solutions that promise maximum profitability and efficient production.


In 2011 Netstal, an international provider of premium high-performance and high-precision injection moulding solutions, merged into KraussMaffei, and a combined PET Business unit was developed under the Netstal Brand in Naefels Switzerland.

This has positioned us to offer the whole range of Netstal solutions including pet packaging, closures, pet line and petform to the preform industry in Southern Africa.

Netstal has world leading solutions to solve specific technology and cost challenges with specific preforms. The most notable are Calitec, LightBase using the Pre-Blow Process and Prelactia.


Calitec – The patent-pending Calitec system increases production efficiency with improved quality and is ideal for systems used in mass production. Traditionally efforts to shorten cycle times in the PET bottles (made from preforms) manufacturing process, were fraught with obstacles but by implementing this system you can effortlessly reduce your cycle times.

Lightbase – The preblow process in Preform is designed to improve material distribution on the bottle base and hence lower weight. With the Lightbase patented application the preform is expanded with air straight after injection. This yields new possibilities in terms of material use and cost-effectiveness.


Prelactia –Prelactia is a patent-pending overmoulding process designed with the necessary barrier properties for light-sensitive products. During this process, an effective UV barrier between two material layers is formed around the PET preform in order to package and protect light-sensitive beverages such as milk and dairy products.

For more information on these specialised preform solutions designed to solve unique problems download the brochure below or contact Plastic & Chemical Trading today! We’re always on hand to help, from the moment you make the decision to implement one our solutions until the end of its lifecycle and beyond.