All About the Frigel Ecodry Cooler

Global firm Frigel is well known for its range of cooling solutions. Their current product line includes the Ecodry 3DK, a centralised closed-circuit adiabatic cooling system. This patented technology offers better cooling performance, excellent operating cost savings and has created new standards in terms of the environmental impact for such technology.

The Ecodry 3DK makes use of a high-efficiency adiabatic chamber for pre-cooling, which can be operated in ambient temperatures up to 50°C. Ecodry 3DK serves as the primary component of a closed-loop cooling system. Compared to cooling towers, closed-loop systems can reduce water consumption by as much as 95% and can use up to 95% less energy than an air-cooled central chiller.  The design of the Ecodry 3DK includes a drainable configuration to prevent freezing, a modular design, axial fans and a cooling capacity of 50-10, 000 kW.

The advantages of the Ecodry 3DK system:

  • Guaranteed operation with minimum water consumption and maintenance even in extreme climatic conditions, up to 50 °C (122 ˚F) ambient air temperature.
  • High energy savings of fans in partial load operation.
  • Safe winter operation without glycol down to an ambient temperature of around -40 °C (-40 ˚F).
  • Compact installation with minimal floor space required between each module.
  • High reliability with electrical redundancy and built with 100% non-ferrous materials.

The Frigel Ecodry system is suited for use within the plastics, beverage, die casting and industrial manufacturing sectors. Within the plastics industry, the Ecodry 3DK leads to reduced cooling times, a better quality of moulded components and ensures perfect repeatability whilst offering reduced costs and reduced environmental impact.

Frigel Group offers a quality range of cooling systems and is respected as a market leader within the sector of intelligent process cooling.  Frigel is a global company with 8 production sites, 4 commercial branches and 51 distribution service points around the world.

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