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P&CT have been the local agents for the worlds leading suppliers in automation technology and solutions since 1996. We have built a team and an in-house competence to be able to assist local 1st and 2nd tier suppliers in setting up world class facilities capable of meeting industry demands and able to compete on a global scale.

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Our robotic solutions


The success of your applications
 3-Axis robots
 60 – 900 T

Success is a range of universal and economic robots that provide all the performance and reliability that you expect from Sepro.

The Success Line has been completely redisigned by Sepro. This best-seller is now also available in a 5-axis version, making best-in-class technology more affordable and more compact. These 3 or 5-axis are available for IMMs from 60 to 900 tons and enhanced gripping components : larger capacity & more compact.

Multi Inject

 3-Axis robots
 100 – 1200 T

The two Multi Inject robot models are specially designed for transverse unloading in the mold without touching the secondary vertical injection unit of the IMM. Unlike conventional Cartesian robots, these robots are designed with a demolding arm that slides on the horizontal axis to access the mold vertically. They are more economic than a side-entry robot and also benefit from the flexibility of a 3-axis Cartesian robot.

S5 Line

The ideal industrial robot


3-Axis robots
 30 – 800 T

The S5 Line is designed using the best Sepro technology, to make a very well-designed range of high performance 3-axis robots. They are reliable, fast and precise and ideal for complex applications.


For the Future


3-Axis robots
 700 – 2800 T

Strong is a line of universal 3-axis robots featuring the latest generation of Sepro technology. Robust and economical, Strong is ideal for the simple automation of 700 to 2800-ton Injection Molding Machines. The user-friendly Touch 2 control makes it easy to program and operate the robot.

S7 Line

The BIG industrial robots

 3-Axis robots
 700 – 5000 T

The new generation of Sepro high-capacity technological robots with top-of-the-line design and finishing. Built to be strong and quick, the S7 Line robots are designed to optimize production under intensive use for the most specialized applications (axial configurations, dual arms, dual motion, and others). Visual 2 – Visual 3 (Option) control system.

A wide range of automation systems

• EOAT for parts
• EOAT for inserts
• Over-molding stations
• Conveying systems
• Universal staking cells
• Safety guarding
• Specific stations : cavity separators and sprue cutting, control, transfer, traceability and assembly
• Complete turnkey automation solutions

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5X Line

5X LineTruly flexible

 5-Axis robots
 30 – 800 T

5X Line robots are designed from latest generation fast and precise Sepro 3-axis Cartesian robots with a Sepro 2-axis servo wrist. A unique combination that provides a number of solutions for automating injection molding machines. These robots installed on the IMM can be used for unloading and processing parts; they can be located at the end of the IMM to perform post-processing. They can be programmed quickly and efficiently thanks to the power and user friendliness of the Visual 3 control system.

5 Dual Arm

 5-Axis robots
 30 – 500 T

The range of 5 Dual Arm robots provides a solution for specifically equipping injection molding machines for simple unloading of three-plate molds. These robots are designed from a 3-axis Cartesian robot with a servocontrolled main arm equipped with a pneumatic rotation (0-90°) for picking and placing parts from a 2-axis secondary sprue picker arm. Simultaneous control of the 5 axes optimizes work time in the mold. Programming is simplified thanks to the Visual 2 control system.

Success Line X

The affordable 5-axis robot

 5-Axis robots
 20 – 700 T

The Success Line has been completely redesigned by Sepro. This best-seller will be available in a 5-axis version, making best-in-class technology more affordable and more compact.

7X Line

BIG and flexible

 5-Axis robots
 700 – 5000 T

The 7X Line of 5-axis robots offers the ideal combination of Sepro new generation high-capacity 3-axis linear robots and Stäubli 2-axis digital rotation. These are precise, flexible robots capable of extracting and loading technically complex parts into the mold or IMM peripherals. Visual 3 control system

6X Visual: Sepro - Yaskawa

 6-Axis robots
 20 – 5000 T

The range of 6-axis polyarticulated robots: 6X Visual combined with the Sepro Visual 3 control platform offers a Premium solution for carrying out all tasks, from simple unloading to more complex applications. The Sepro Yaskawa large-sized arms are suitable for use in a large work area. They can take heavy loads for 20-tonne to 5000-tonne IMM.

Packaging cells

For fully automated part stacking, stacking cells reduce manual intervention and therefore lead to productivity and quality gains.

Overmoulding stations

We prioritise your productivity gains as well as ergonomics and autonomy of your stations when selecting the overmoulding station which can be manual, semi-automatic, or automatic.

Specific stations

Solutions outside the IMM devoted to your needs:

• control: vision, presence/absence of components and electrical continuity;
• parts connection and transfer: shuttles, vertical stackers, and tilters;
• traceability: marking, labelling, and separation by moulding;
• assembly: closing, clipping, and screwing;
• cutting injection channels or ribbon cables;

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Speed Entry

Performance and reliability

 Specific Robots
 20 – 700 T

Speed-Entry is a range of side-entry robots specially designed for high speed picking & placing of packaging parts. Its modular design makes it suitable for any type of layout. There are different versions capable of simple unloading of single-plate or double-plate molds for the different production needs.

IML : In-Mold-Labelling system

 Specific Robots
 100 – 500 T

Sepro IML is the solution developed in cooperation with Machines Pagès, expert in IML systems, for placing flat or wrap-round labels on lids, pails or tub type parts, for use in the packaging industry. The mechanical architecture of the system includes a Sepro Cartesian side-entry robot developed from the S5 platform, and a standard distribution, transfer and loading / unloading module for labels, supplied by Machines Pagès.

S5 Speed Line

S5-15 Speed


 Specific Robots
 100 – 450 T

To help processors seeking a top-entry robot solution for fast-cycling injection-molding applications, Sepro Group has developed the S5 Speed Line.

SR 55 – SR 65 – SR 85

Not just any picker… a sepro picker

 20 – 700 T

The range of Sepro pneumatic sprue pickers available in 3 sizes that are high performance complements to our robot ranges. They are easy to use and reliable.

S5 Picker

3 linear CNC-axis picker

 20 – 200 T

S5 Picker is a fast and versatile beam-mounted Cartesian sprue picker with 3 numeric axes. Designed like a small Sepro robot, it can be integrated in the IMM with a chute for evacuating sprues. With the extended stroke version, the sprues can be evacuated directly outside the IMM. Touch Picker control system.

Comprehensive automation solutions

These solutions are a combination of the various approved solutions in our range for turnkey cells controlled by our VISUAL 3 control system.

Packaging solutions

Solutions for packaging applications are designed with our Speed Entry side-entry robots, which are high-speed Pick & Place robots for packaging parts. Their modular design allows for two types of layout and four variants for supporting payloads ranging from 10 to 50 kg. For single Pick & Place, mould intervention time is 0.45 s minimum for a total cycle time of 2.8 s minimum. We can equip IMMs up to 500 tonnes. The different configurations proposed are for picking & placing from single-plate or double-plate moulds for different types of production.

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Plastrading in partnership Gimatic a cutting-edge company.

This is the winning strategy adopted by Gimatic, a strategy that is known and appreciated worldwide. What makes it a competitive business is its continuous desire to grow, as is shown by its constant investment, with 10% of its annual turnover ploughed back into research and development year-in, year-out, to expand its business all over the world.

Pneumatic and Electric Grippers for Industrial Automation

Flexibility, expertise and cutting-edge technologies make Gimatic a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for industrial automation. Gimatic also designs and builds customised systems for clients’ specific applications.


Thanks to its flexibility and its 35 years old experience, Gimatic can fully satisfy the requests of all the most innovative industrial sectors.

EOAT (End Of Arm Tooling) solutions

Competence, experience, technical skills and dedicated tools identify Gimatic on the EOAT market.

Collaborative Robot

Gimatic creates specific solutions for collaborative robots, which consist in Plug and Play Kits with plug-in software.

We Are Much More Than Your Machine Supplier.

We aim to be a strong and valuable technical supply partner through sound consultation, timeous process development and comprehensive after sales support.
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