A guide to Frigel’s MRM and MRS Industrial Chillers

Frigel’s introduction of new additions to the MRS and the MRM air-cooled industrial chillers has led to an increase in user flexibility and maximised efficiency while at the same time reducing environmental impact.

Each of the twenty-three MRM and MRS industrial chiller models can be installed indoors and outdoors, a unique feature to the MRS air-cooled chillers size range. These industrial chillers are engineered to give users in an extensive range of plastics applications more options for efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly cooling systems.

Both systems offer options that allow for the optimisation of performance, along with real-time troubleshooting and automation. Companies are also given more control as they can customise their processes to suit their individual cooling needs.


The MRM air-cooled chillers are engineered to deliver high- efficiency when operating within heavy-duty industrial applications as well as to increase connectivity. Increased system connectivity is offered, which allows for the reliable control of temperature in the most demanding and extreme operating circumstances. Multiple configurations are available, including units with one to four high-efficiency hermetic scroll/multiple scroll compressors. One or two refrigeration circuits are also included.

With the MRM models, fully packaged units are equipped with:

  • A process pump
  • An insulated, galvanised buffer tank
  • An optional evaporator pump

Operations of the MRM system are streamlined through the addition of a touchscreen microprocessor. Monitoring and adjusting of the system are made possible with a connection to the Frigel 3PR Intelligent Control System, which helps to ensure the optimum performance of their system. Remote monitoring by Frigel technicians is also made possible.


The MRS chillers are best known for their small footprints and wide operating temperatures. Each of the MRS industrial chiller models can be installed indoors and outdoors, a unique feature to the MRS air-cooled chillers size range. Therefore, due to the compact nature of the MRS footprints, the system is perfect for installations that are close to processing machines. With cooling capabilities ranging from 13 to 75 kilowatts, these MRS systems are, therefore, available for use in conjunction with open extrusion tanks, meaning there is no need for tanks as they leverage shell-and-tube evaporation.

The MRS range of chillers also features hermetic scroll compressors with hot gas bypass capacity control. Large insulated galvanised tanks are also featured as well as the option of pressurised or vented fill tank configurations.

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