A Plastic & Chemical Trading Success Story at SAB Alrode

True success stories in an industry as demanding as ours require culmination of excellent mature technology, proper planning, and splendid execution by well-trained professionals. The installation of the HEUFT Final Full Bottle Inspector at ABIndev (SAB) Alrode Breweries was one such example of a successful project.

Since the installation in February 2022, Plastic & Chemical Trading have not had a single call-out for a product that’s quality is proving to be class-leading.

This was the first HEUFT project at Alrode Breweries since 2015, which called for a state-of-the-art, Final Full Bottle Inspector on the SAB line. Utilising HEUFT’s proven and thoroughly tested technology borne out of their industry leading R&D focus, the HEUFT machine used in Alrode can provide the following critical inspection services when positioned at the outfeed of the labeller:

  • Label inspection through a camera installed in the labeller, noting the position and correctness of each label with great precision.
  • X-Ray inspected fill height that negates the hazard of radioactive gamma sources.
  • Leak-testing on the bottle crowns by using a magnetic drumbeat atop each bottle. The Final Full Bottle Inspector measures the sound of the beat within a certain frequency range to ensure that each bottle is tightly sealed.
  • The presence and correction of the date code on each bottle.
  • Full inspection of each bottle before it is packed.

For over 20 years, Plastic & Chemical Trading has been the proud partner of Heuft Systemtechnik – the local leader in quality inspection for bottling and food processing industries.

The project was managed by Thokozani Makhubu, who lead a team of trainee technicians to implement the project. By trusting the expertise of our team, and HEUFT’S quality products, we are confident in more success stories like this!



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