Beginner’s guide to the HEUFT Spotter II PHS

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, only the best packaging will do. It is for this reason that companies choose to utilise the HEUFT Spotter II PHS. Not only is the machine perfect for handling quality, safety and efficiency, it also puts these critical factors into practice simply and effectively. With this machine, users can be assured of maximum productivity and that only perfect products will end up reaching the market. The HEUFT Spotter II PHS is specifically designed to inspect the quality of small vials between the sizes of 2-100ml.

The functions of the HEUFT Spotter II PHS include:

Uncontaminated products

The optical identification of foreign substances such as hairs or fibres within the vial. This along with pulsed X-ray, which is risk-free, is able to detect glass particles.

Perfect packaging

Due to the 360 closure inspection of the HEUFT Spotter II PHS, it is able to detect if any vials have been incorrectly filled or damaged. It is also able to detect if the product has been contaminated by product splashing.

No defective containers

The high-performance cameras and adaptive LED lighting for sidewall inspection of the vials makes any defects such as cracks and chips on the glass vials visible. There are no blind spots as the vials are specifically rotated between the individual inspection units for full coverage and photographs of the whole base area are taken. Defects that are also detected with this method include material deformation and things such as spots and streaks on the inner sidewall of the vials caused by product splashing.

Quantity check

When it comes to medical products, getting the exact dosage is vital. When vials are going through inspection, the quantity of the product carried in the vials, ranging from liquid and powder to granules and lyo products, are inspected. The HEUFT Spotter II PHS carries out precise fill level detection in order to determine the exact amount of product in the vials. This is done utilising different optical technologies or using an x-ray measuring bridge. Vials that are over or underfilled are identified reliably and removed to avoid being recalled.



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