Overmoulding: What you need to know

Overmoulding is a process which involves creating a single part using a combination of two or more plastics or elastomer materials. During the overmoudling process, the base part of the product is moulded first. This base of the products usually includes a rigid, plastic base-component which is overlaid with a thin, almost rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer layer or other materials. This is done using a single-shot or two-shot insert moulding technique. An example of a product made using this overmoulding process is a toothbrush.

This overmoudling process is used for products in the medical, automotive and military industries, among others.

Manufacturers opt for this overmoudling technique when they want to add a soft-touch exterior to a product in order to enhance the feel or grip of the product. The method also provides an attractive appearance to the products.

Overmoudling when manufacturing products has many advantages which include that products produced using the overmoudling technique reduce shock and vibration when using the product. The product will also absorb sound meaning that it will not be loud to operate.

By using overmoudling when producing specific products, it provides electrical insulation for the consumer’s safety as well as helps to improve grip and ergonomics. It also creates a waterproof seal which is especially important for products such as toothbrushes which require water to be used. The fact that overmoulding improves the chemical and UV resistance of products means that the life span of the products is improved, which increases customer satisfaction with the product.

Overmoulding doesn’t only benefit the consumer, it also offers advantages to the manufactures due to the fact that it lowers production costs, reduces production times, improves product viability and performance and it allows the capture of one part inside another without the use of fasteners or adhesives.

By using an overmoulding process when manufacturing products also helps to make the products more visually appeals which increase shelf appeal.

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