Guide to KraussMaffei’s CX 80 injection moulding machine

We are all used to our cars nowadays coming equipped with technology such as rain sensors, reversing sensors as well as their automation. All of these intelligent and full assistance systems have to be able to interact simultaneously. Therefore, corresponding complex plug contacts need to be present. This is where the CX 80 comes in. This fully hydraulic machine has the ability to create plugs with three different metal inlays making the cars mentioned above possible.

The benefits of the CX 80 injection moulding machine include:

1) Low rejection rate

Regulation of the injection moulding machine is always high-resolution even at low pressures. This means that your rejection rate will be minimised in order for you to produce the best quality products.

2) Compact and flexible

Krausmaffei’s two-platen technology also adds to the over efficient and flexible nature of the machine and makes it more compact, therefore allowing manufacturers to save space. Due to the clamping unit being cantilevered up to 1,600kN, there is lots of space under the machine for additional peripheral equipment. This means that the CX 80 injection moulding machine allows for better utilisation of valuable production space due to its flexibility.

3) Accessible

The large transparent windows of the injection moulding machine allow for direct and optimal viewing into the machine and its operations. The machine is easily accessible through the large doors in the safety housing as they can be completely folded back or can slide open. This allows for all the important areas of the machine can be accessed easily, which helps to reduce set-up times.

4) Energy efficient

A machine with high power consumption will result in high production costs. The CX 80 injection moulding machine is part of KraussMaffei’s BluePower auxiliary equipment and functions which means that the user is given fine-tuning options that can reduce costs by up to 50%. By simply pressing the Eco button, the most efficient energy setting is adopted, saving you money and also decreasing the machine’s impact on the environment.

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