Heuft provides remote service during COVID-19 outbreak

The 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to what feels like a standstill. With entire countries implementing nationwide lockdowns, companies have had to halt operations with on-site support being sent home. However, many companies are making contingency plans to ensure that their customers are not left in the dark and, in the case of machine companies, that their products remain functional. Therefore ensuring these machines are still functional when the companies return back to on-site work.

In response to the global COVID-19 outbreak, Heuft has ensured that they are reachable at all times through a worldwide 24/7 support service extending over the complete lifecycle of Heuft devices to guarantee the functioning of the machines ar all times, wherever they are. This has been brought in as an alternative to on-site calls by service technicians in support of social distancing.

Due to the outbreak, many organisations have become increasingly concerned about the safety of their employees and products. Therefore Hueft has advised that its customers should focus their attention on the Heuft TeleService and the Heuft PhoneService. This allows skilled Heuft experts to support all Heuft customers online or by telephone 24/7.

The Heuft TeleService provides assistance with direct online access to all the messages, signals, inspection images and modules of network-compatible Heuft systems. It offers remote component diagnostics and effective remote real-time maintenance. Those working on the Teleservice also provide purposeful instructions for the reliable elimination of faults and malfunctions.

The Heuft PhoneService provides intensive telephone consultation with immediate direct contact with qualified Heuft experts. These consultants help for self-help during the specific identification and reliable solving of malfunctions.

With the TeleService and PhoneService Heuft is ensuring that its customers are able to receive constant and competent support throughout this outbreak and period of social distancing, therefore, ensuring customers will be able to return to production with no issues after the lockdowns.

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