How the Frigel ECODRY 3DK solution works

With today’s environmental crisis, businesses need to make a concerted effort to save water and energy in order to become more environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective. It is for this reason that the Frigel Adiabatic Cooling system is in demand for businesses across the globe. The Frigel ECODRY 3DK patented adiabatic cooler has stepped in as a sustainable replacement for evaporative cooling towers. This closed-circuit adiabatic cooling system achieves:

  • better cooling performance with increase heat transfer efficiency
  • outstanding operation cost savings
  • a new standard in terms of environmental impact due to the decrease in water and energy consumption.

The components that make up the ECODRY 3DK cooler are:

  • Finned pack water-to-air heat exchanger
  • Axial fans (for forced air convection)
  • Adiabatic system (for pre-cooling during hot weather)
  • A monitoring device (for system management)

How it works

The ECODRY 3DK system uses evaporation to pre-cool air through the closed-loop coil. This closed-loop circuit then ensures there is little to no water loss.

This adiabatic cooler has two working modes: ‘Dry’ and ‘adiabatic’ mode.

Dry mode

This mode is used throughout most of the year as a conventional dry-cooler. This means there is no water consumption. In this mode, the heat is dissipated in the ambient air by convection of the air force of the fans.

Adiabatic mode

During hotter periods of the year and when ‘dry mode’ does not offer sufficient cooling, the adiabatic mode is automatically activated. In this mode, water is pumped into a heat exchanger and is cooled with ambient airflow. Ambient air that is too hot passes through the adiabatic chamber where it is humidified and saturated by misted water that is sprayed. The evaporation of this mist results in the pre-cooling of the air. There is very little water used during the adiabatic mode since the evaporation process is regulated to maintain the desired setpoint. Therefore, it is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for businesses.

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