Introduction to the HEUFT InLine II IXS System

HEUFT world leader in Packaging quality inspection specialising in the technology required for monitoring and controlling the filling and packaging of beverage, food and pharmaceutical containers. HEUFT is focused on ensuring quality, safety and efficiency through their solutions and manufacturing technology. Always at the forefront of the state of the art Heuft has created various products that have revolutionised packaging.  One such technology is the HEUFT inline II IXS System.

The HEUFT InLine II IXS is an empty container inspection unit. This technology achieves greater precision during the continuous all-around inspection of glass and plastic containers before filling.  The HEUFT inline II IXS System is equipped with powerful optical detection modules for this as well as X-ray strobes.  It offers a high degree of automation and its self-explanatory user guidance make error-free operation simply easy. The game changing inspection technology and control interface have rendered interventions by skilled operators unnecessary after an initial set-up. The usability sets a new bar for the industry bringing a peace of mind not before possible in these applications.

The functions of the HEUFT InLine II IXS System:

  • Optical base inspection
  • X-ray base inspection
  • Finish and thread inspection
  • 360°sidewall inspection
  • Fault rejection
  • Product monitoring and self-tests
  • Easy brand changes

The machine can also be adapted to suit individual manufacturers’ needs with the addition of optional additional functions, including adding the HEUFT SPECTRUM II systems or special optical technology. The HEUFT SPECTRUM II system includes a colour ring inspection which provides even more detection accuracy during the finish inspection, which can reliably detect thermal cracks, tension cracks and other faults.

The advantages of the HEUFT InLine II IXS System:

  • maximum detection reliability with a minimum false rejection rate
  • continuous complete inspection of the total container volume
  • unique pulsed X-ray technology for extremely clear detection pictures without any motion blurs and with minimum radiation exposure
  • automatic adjustment of the detection units during brand and format changes
  • hygiene-optimised HEUFT CleanDesign
  • powerful optical detection technologies
  • highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform with self-explanatory HEUFT NaVi user guidance
  • online connection for remote maintenance and production data acquisition
  • performance range – up to 1,200 containers per minute
  • 03% false rejection rate during the base and sidewall inspection

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