Introduction to the Kiefel KTR Thermorunner

Kiefel Gmbh is a well-respected manufacturing partner who has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of plastic processing machines and tools for over 60 years. One of the packaging technologies that they currently offer, is that of the Kiefel Thermorunner series.

This series is used in the production of cups and related items.

The advantages of the KTR Thermorunner series:

  • Maximum performance and precision
  • Solitude machinery design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Innovative cooling system which ensures long tool life
  • Operation without offset guarantees highest product quality

Qualities of the KTR thermorunner series:

  • Sophisticated, biaxial film spreading
  • Plug assist with water-cooled ball screw
  • Film sag monitoring and automatic adjustment of heating elements
  • Efficient cooling unit for faster, automatic temperature adjustment.

This series offers manufacturers high-quality products, flexibility in cup production as well as outstanding transparency and clarity.  The KTR Thermorunner series is currently available in 3 models; the KTR 4, KTR 5.1 and KTR 6.1. All three models have a maximum production speed of 45 cycles a minute while forming areas vary between 535 X 380 mm and 785 X 585 mm.

KTR 4 offers a smart solution for manufacturers with a small and midsize output requirement, combining high speed with inexpensive tooling costs. 4.1 can form parts with a height of up to 115mm/150mm and has been described as “powerful and flexible.”

Released in 2019, the KTR 5.1 boasts a new cooling system which ensures the perfect temperatures while a fully automatic tool temperature regulation enables a 30% longer tool life compared to its predecessor. This machine is used for the production of:

  • Drinking cups
  • Coffee capsules
  • Cups for snap caps
  • Yoghurt cups

Kiefel describes the KTR Thermorunner 5.1 as offering a custom, turnkey solution. KTR 5.1 offers maximum tool operating life due to fully automatic tool temperature regulation, a pre-stretching die drive, high-quality stacking solutions and more.

The KTR 6.1 combines power, area and speed to offer a manufacturing solution with custom turnkey solutions. This model features a film unreeling station, a pre-heating station, heating station, forming/punching station, stacking unity and a granulator. KTR 6.1

Plastic and Chemical Trading is proud to partner with Kiefel GmbH. 

Kiefel Gmbh develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastic films. They provide manufacturing solutions to manufacturers from the automotive, medical engineering, packaging and refrigerator industries. The company is based in Freilassing, Germany but has sites in Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic with technology centres in Germany, the USA and China.



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