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KraussMaffei has announced that from July 2020, they will be offering new practical courses that will ensure even greater efficiency in PUR processing and pultrusion. The new ‘Basic PUR Wetside Training’ practical courses have been brought in to complement its already existing training program.

These courses have been designed to explain the main machine components as well as describe the necessary operating steps and maintenance work on the machines from a practice view. However, there will be theoretical elements to the courses as well.

This new two-day course will provide practitioners with newly conceived hands-on training. The training, which is set to take place in the KraussMaffei TechCenter in Munich, will train employees in PUR processing and in the efficient operation of reaction machinery. Experts will assist in the training by presenting the components and configuration of a machine as well as explain operating routines and maintenance work. They will also offer tips on how to handle problem cases. This training will provide participants with excellent practical experience allowing them to become familiar with the most critical tasks on the machines.

This training is extremely important due to the fact that KraussMaffei’s pultrusion technology is conquering the market, and therefore this training helps to create the basis for the company’s success.

KraussMaffei is also offering the chance for people to gain practical experience on a complete pultrusion production line. KraussMaffei is offering two three-day practical training on profile pultrusion and rebar pultrusion. These training sessions are designed to teach participants about the technical basics for new pultruders as well as address the prerequisites for efficient machine start-up and approaches for an optimised process during operation of the line.

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