Plastic packaging – The benefits

Plastic packaging has been a highly contested topic of debate as of late. However, plastic is a highly valuable material, without which, modern life would not be possible. The environmental crisis, which plastic seems to have become the focus, is not due to plastic packaging, it is instead due to the irresponsible manner in which people choose to dispose of their plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging has a vast range of benefits not only for products but for the consumer and seller too. Here are just three of those benefits of plastic packaging:

1) Prevents food wastage

Most foods in stores are covered by plastic or are stored in plastic containers. These protective layers and containers help to ensure the prolonged freshness of the food by keeping them dry as well as preventing bacteria from contaminating the products. Without this protective plastic packaging, our food would go off within a matter of hours, and diseases, pests or bacteria would be passed through many people and places to get to the end consumer. A current example is the Coronavirus.

Since plastic is able to survive extreme conditions and does not degrade quickly, your food product integrity is preserved despite this. The durability of plastic also contributes to the fact that your food products will be protected from physical damage.

2) Cost-effective

Because of the preserved nature of food products protected by plastic, these products can be sold at full price, meaning that shop owners should be able to turn a profit, which in turn helps to contribute to the economy of South Africa. Not only that, but plastic is known to be an inexpensive material to manufacture; therefore, money is saved when sellers opt for plastic packing for their products.

Costs are cut when it comes to the transportation of plastic containers. Due to the lightweight nature of plastic, more containers can be transported that alternative packing options for the same price. Therefore, just from a cost perspective, it is easy to see why plastic is the best choice for business owners.

3) Highly versatile

Plastic is a material that can easily be moulded into almost any shape when using the right machinery. Therefore, plastic packaging can be moulded to fit specific products. Because of the versatility of plastic, packaging can range anywhere from bags, films, and shells to trays, pots, and bottles. This means that plastic can house almost any product.

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