Production of life-saving bags with the Kiefel KIR series

Data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2019, revealed that approximately 117.4 million blood donations are collected worldwide every single year. Therefore, due to the precious nature of blood because of its life-saving function, high-quality blood bags are in very high demand, the spillage of one drop of donated blood cannot be risked.

Blood bags have become the container of choice when it comes to the carrying and transportation of blood. These bags are manufactured using a type of plastic called PVC. This plastic, when manufactured into blood bags, are heat resistant for the sterilisation process, flexible to accommodate for freezing, and are shut reliably to ensure the safety of the liquid during storage.

Kiefel GmbH has decades of experience in this field, making them a market leader in the design of machines for blood bag production. Their KIR series can produce between 1000 and 2200 full blood bags, with up to five connections, per hour.

A high-frequency generator of the KIR series is a crucial part of the production process of the blood bags as it is responsible for the welding of the bags, which prevents any spillages of the all too valuable commodity that will be contained inside. This high-frequency generator allows outputs of between eight and 32 kilowatts.  The high-frequency welding makes use of the two opposing poles of the PVC. When the PVC films are welded, they are exposed to a high-frequency electromagnetic alternating field, which then excites the two opposite poles and results in molecular vibrations. The heat generated in the material, only in the areas that are set to be connected. Pressure is applied to the heated areas, which are near to the melting point, which causes them to join, resulting in the welded connections.

The KIR Highliner works with up to two welding stations, which are driven by servomotors. They, therefore, ensure the highest precision as well as the constant monitoring of the welding parameters. If the settings are not precise, the machine marks those bags as rejects.

Kiefel is the world market leader in the construction of machines for blood bag production.

Plastic and Chemical Trading is proud to partner with Kiefel GmbH. 

Kiefel Gmbh develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastic films. They provide manufacturing solutions to manufacturers from the automotive, medical engineering, packaging and refrigerator industries. The company is based in Freilassing, Germany but has sites in Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic with technology centres in Germany, the USA and China.



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